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Is laser cutting in paper expensive?

With laser cutting you give your design an extra dimension, for which the extra costs are very small.

What is your main activity?

We do laser cutting as a service for the graphical and other industries

By means of a laser beam we can cut, score, engrave, etch and punch very detailed patterns, images and texts from paper and cardboard.
Where traditional cutting stops, laser cutting goes on; because of our ability to process, our great precision and high flexibility in editions, the creative possibilities are endless. 
The limitations of traditional die cutting belong to the past. Give an extra dimension to your printed material!

What does laser cutting cost?

With laser cutting you give your design an extra dimension, for which the extra costs are very small.

Do you sell laser cutting machines?

No, we do not sell laser cutting machines.

Can I supply my own material?

Yes you can, or rather we expect you to deliver your own material. We only offer the service of laser cutting.

Can I supply my own material?

Yes you can, or rather we expect you to deliver your own material. We only offer the service of laser cutting.

Laser cutting works with heat, right? Will the paper have burnmarks after laser cutting?

Generally speaking there will be no burn marks, due to the modern technology and machinery of Point to Paper. Present paper sorts generally respond very well to the laser cutting.

I would like to get a quote, what do you need to know?

For the best possible offer we ask for the following information:
- an example of the model to laser cut, preferably as a PDF( Illustrator file ) or vector file (also Illustrator).
- the size of the shape itself as Illustrator states it
- the total quantity
- type and the gram weight of the paper
- eventual finishing that will be done (creasing lines etc)
- format of sheet to be laser cut (sheet finish size) and if possible number of items to be laser cut of every sheet.
- desired delivery date.

Which sizes are possible?

Generally, we laser cut to a printing sheet size of 50 * 70 cm. Other formats on request. See 

Can you give me a quote over the phone from a description?

Unfortunately we can’t give quotes over the phone  as every design is unique and contains its own complexity.   You’ll need to send us data to quote from.

Which types of paper or board can be laser cut?

With most sorts of paper and cardboard with a standard density and thickness we can go up to a weight of approximately 400 grams. Sometimes we have to do a test. For thicker cardboard sorts please contact us.

I do not (yet) have a vectorised or PDF file of the desired design. What do I do now?

If you have a sketch or picture of a comparable design, we can give you an indication. The design is an essential piece for the price offer however; the finer and more complicated the design, the more time it will cost our laser to cut it and of course production time influences the price. Prices given without the definitive design will thus always be an indication, the definite price can then be given once the definite design is known.

Does Point to Paper also finish the product?

Point to Paper only does the laser cutting, we do not print, fold or assemble. If you are looking for a printer, we can advise you. You will have to supply the printing, we do the laser cutting and return it to you.

How do I provide Point to Paper with my (digital) files?

Especially for the Point to Paper customers we have issued a document explaining exactly how to provide Point to Paper with your files. You can download this document here

Can you also laser cut other materials?


We can laser cut other materials, please refer to the site of our sister company Pronty B.V  and see: Technology



Can you laser cut metal?

No we can’t do this. Nor with the machinery of Point to Paper nor with those of our sister company Pronty can we laser cut metal.

Can consumers become direct clients of Point to Paper B.V.?

No sorry, this is not possible. We can however lead you to one of our relations who can take care of your request for you.

Who are Point to Papers customers?

Point to Paper has an extensive portfolio of clients. Point to Paper works with other designers, paper architects, printers, packaging companies, publishers, bookbinderies, artists, advertising agencies, industrial designers and many others. Paper Point only does business with companies that are registered with the Chamber of Commerce and have a valid VAT number.

I do not have acces to software that can vectorise a file. Can you do this for me?

We do offer this service, but there are costs connected with it. For more information please contact us.

Can I get a sample made up?

Yes, this is possible. But there are costs tied to this service, € 65,-.

How long does it take before my order will be ready?

Depending on the edition it usually takes 2 to 5 working days after receipt of the printing. This depends amongst other things from design and quantity.After consulting the client, Point to Paper may deviate from this.


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