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Written on 26/01/2021 by Joep Hoffmans and Jaap van de Wouw: Yart Factory & Point to Paper


Starting the new year with a great message.


As of 1 January 2021, Yart Factory with his Point to Paper division has been officially transferred from founder Joep Hoffmans to Jaap van de Wouw.

Jaap has been involved in the organisation for 11 years now. In the last years, he has been closely involved in determining the strategy and company vision. Jaap knows the family company through and through, and is therefore the right person to take over the role of owner.

Fortunately, Joep does not leave the company and remains strongly committed to (lasercut) innovation and development within the company as a consultant.

Please read the full press release via this link:

Managementteam  Yart Factory

Joep Hoffmans  / Jaap van de Wouw




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